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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Professor Donald W. L. Sprung


Various higher order core polarization corrections to the effective nuclear interaction, suggested by Kurson have been calculated for mass 18 and mass 42 nuclei. The corresponding spectra resulting from these correction were compared with each other and with experiment.

The bare nucleon-nucleon interactions used in the calculation were of two different forms. For the one interaction, the G-matrix elements of Kahana, Lee and Scott derived from their separable nucleon-nucleon potential, were used. For the other, matrix elements of the interaction were derived in a phase-shift approximation ot McMaster. In a certain approximation these are the free reaction matrix elements. The effects of the 2 forces were compared.

The schematic model of Brown and Bolsterli was extended to these higher order core polarization corrections and it was found to corroborate the results of the detailed, more realistic calculation.

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Physics Commons