Russell is devoted to the study of all aspects of Bertrand Russell's thought as well as his life, times and influence. In addition to original research and reviews of new books, Russell publishes new texts and textual studies, discussions, bibliographies, indexes, and archival lists. Scholarly articles submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed twice anonymously. Russell is not the organ of any association or institution.

Russell is published by McMaster University's Bertrand Russell Research Centre with the assistance of grants from the Aid to Scholarly Journals programme of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and from McMaster's Faculty of Humanities.

Note: Access to issues from 2012 to date is by subscription. Russell (ISSN 1913-8032) was founded by McMaster Library in 1971 as a quarterly, and until 1980 it was numbered by cumulative issue number. A new series was begun as Vol. 1, no. 1, in Summer 1981. Here the old series is assigned (for technical reasons) to Vols. 91-100.

Current Issue : Volume 34, Issue 1
SUMMER 2014, PAGES 1-96, 62a-f, 64a. Accessible to Subscribers.



Notes and Correspondence for Russell’s 1905 Review of Meinong
Bernard Linsky
(Online only) Original German Texts of the Letters by Meinong, Russell, Ameseder and Mally



More Wit in PM
Michael E. Berumen

Documents and Textual Studies


Supplementary Documents for Russell’s Logic, 1905–08
Kenneth Blackwell
(Online only) Illustration: "Glossary of Definitions" Manuscript



Editor's Notes
Kenneth Blackwell


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