Managing Editor: Jennifer Askey
Editors: Michelle Stott James
  Denise Della Rossa
The Sophie Journal is a peer reviewed Open Access publication that posts quality papers and articles on the art, literature, lives, and experience of early German-speaking women from 1740-1939. By providing a collection of insightful essays, we hope to share information, generate ideas, and offer fresh perspectives on early German-speaking women and their unique contributions. Ultimately the Sophie Journal endeavors to make a genuine contribution to scholarship concerning women, their experience and their contributions, and is envisioned as a service and a resource for those who would like to become better acquainted with early German-speaking women for their research or teaching. We also want to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to publish and gain editorial experience and for faculty to mentor students in a research setting. In this capacity we accept noteworthy contributions from researchers of all levels of education: advanced researchers, undergraduates, and graduate students alike. The Sophie Journal is part of the Sophie Project at Brigham Young University, a digital library of works by German-speaking women. Please visit the Project at: sophie.byu.edu

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2012) Angelica Kauffmann Reads Goethe